ChainsawXIV's Test Campaign

V'neef Kafun
Things and Stuff in the Place with the Guys!

Iterator of Ordained Practices stood – utterly still – on a hill top some two or three hundred yards from the training ground, concealed within the auspices of his essence cloak. Halos of emerald light flashed from the figure central to the scene below, and the Alchemical studied the patterns of essence they projected against the soldier’s surroundings, analyzing.

Primordial exaltation shard. 2.0.1 Pattern Version, Wood Variant. Unique identifier T2477 iteration 67.
Some evidence of tampering – Pattern Version outside established range (1.0.0, 2.0.0).

Manifold Lives

If it takes a hero to attract a celestial exaltation, it takes a legend – a legend of the sort that even an exalt could not acquire in a single lifetime – to accept the sort of exaltation originally devised by the Great Maker. A great relaxation of these stringent requirements was but one of the many changes made in the second generation design, in the name of finding adequate stock of humanity to draw from, and the consequences of that compromise ring across the eons.

Falling Stars

To make war is to sacrifice, and there can be few greater sacrifices than the loss of a child. So it was that, among the many gods slain in the Primordial War, one in particular most pained the Great Maker.

As with all Autochthon’s inventions dogma was created with a purpose, and like all such inventions in those days it was embodied by divinities, among them one named Aptra, called by him The Function of Orderly Inheritance. As the Maker envisioned it, dogma should be perfect and self sustaining, and Aptra was the mechanism that fulfilled that vision, ensuring orderly succession amongst the gods, so that no place in the hierarchy of divinities should ever remain vacant.


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