Alchemical Charms

Fifth (Attribute) Augmentation

Add the following additional Submodule:

Essence Overcharger (Essence 3): Heavy duty essence conduits and switching components made from rare crystals allow the alchemical to overcharge his Augmentation, sacrificing efficiency for speed.

When the alchemical activates his Fifth (Attribute) Augmentation, he may choose to pay one or more additional motes. Each additional mote reduces the speed of the charm activation by two and the DV penalty by one, to a minimum of speed one, DV penalty zero.

Since the game I’m working with in this case is explicitly limited to essence three for the time being, we were looking for something to make Fifth Augmentation more viable. This also has the nice effect of giving a little bit gentler ramp up to the everything turns on at once upgrade at essence four.

Trans-Chosen Emulator

Add the following additional Submodules:

Harmonic Coils (Essence 3, 2xp): Rune etched coils of all five magical materials interlace the alchemical’s Trans-Chosen Implant, harmonizing his essence with the essence of the Chosen he pretends to be.

While the alchemical is disguising his anima display as that of another caste or type of exalt, he may attune artifacts of the material type appropriate to that exalt (in addition to those appropriate to his natural type) without the usual surcharge, and gains their full benefits as if he were an exalt of that type.

Should the alchemical deactivate Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier or choose to emulate an exalt of a different type, he may reflexively commit the difference in attunement cost to each relevant artifact. If he chooses not to for any given artifact, it is instantly unattuned.

Multiphase Calibration (Essence 4, Harmonic Coils): The finely tuned and delicately adjusted works of the alchemical’s harmonic coils are able to harmonize multiple materials at the same time.

While the alchemical’s Integrated Artifact Transmogrifier is active, the alchemical may attune and use artifacts of any material or materials as if he were an exalt of the appropriate type, regardless of what exalt type his anima emulates. The results of deactivating the charm match those described above.

Anima Conversion Unit (Essence 5): Complex essence circuitry connects the alchemical’s Trans-Chosen Emulator to his essence reservoir, effecting practical changes to his anima.

The alchemical may spend one willpower as a non-charm-activation reflexive action to replace his own anima power with that of the exalt type and caste he is currently emulating for the rest of the scene. This cannot replicate an eclipse’s ability to learn non-native charms, or any similar effect, and the effect ends if he changes which exalt type he is emulating (though it may be subsequently reactivated).

The idea with these is both to help complete the disguise – in this case, of an Alchemical at large on a mission in a Creation that doesn’t know he exists – while also spicing things up with some fun mechanics.

Forward Compatibility Engine

Cost: —; Mins: Appearance 2, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Internal
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Trans-Chosen Emulator

The Great Maker designed the alchemical exalted before their cousins, but that design was executed only after he had had long opportunity to study the exalted of creation, and innovations based on what he learned were incorporated into his gifts to the demiurges.

This charm is comprised of a halo-like ring of an appropriate magical material, perhaps four inches in diameter, installed spanning the lobes of the alchemical’s brain. Millions of microscopic glyphs carved upon its surface describe the pseudo-sorcerous principles by which Creation’s exalted channel essence as only Autochthon himself could understand them.

There are four variations of this charm, each of which must be purchased and installed separately, and each of which corresponds to one of creation’s Chosen – dragon blooded, sidereals, lunars, and solars. Versions which correspond to the abyssal and infernal exalted are theoretically possible, but the essence channeling techniques such beings employ fall far outside design parameters, and only an apostate would use them. Only one charm corresponding to each exalt type may be installed at a time.

An alchemical with this charm installed may learn charms available to the corresponding exalt type, subject to all the rules and restrictions described for an eclipse caste solar learning non-solar charms. All the charms from a given exalt type learned this way automatically form an Array with Forward Compatibility Engine at no cost to the alchemical, and as such both form automatic combos, and are installed and uninstalled with it.

Each charm learned this way costs 12 experience, and increases the installation cost of the corresponding Forward Compatibility Engine by [1m], prior to the usual one-fourth reduction for being part of an array. The alchemical must meet all prerequisites for the charms he learns, and spend the same amount of training time as an exalt of the appropriate type, but the charms he learns this way neither require nor occupy charm slots.

I know, I know, Eclipse haters gonna hate. But the Eclipse ability to learn other people’s charms is a feature of our game, and kept reasonable by the fact that we don’t want to do abusive and stupid things with it.


Fixed Function Iteration (Essence 5): Adamant shackles around the ring of the alchemical’s Forward Compatibility Engine decrease its essence consumption, but lock out its ability to reconfigure.

The installation cost of this installation of Forward Compatibility Engine is reduced to a flat [2m], the charm gains Exemplar 3, and the alchemical cannot use it to learn new charms. This submodule cannot be removed from the charm once it is installed, though of course the alchemical may keep multiple copies of the charm on retainer at the vats, each with its own set of non-native charms, and upgrades.

Unlike other submodules, Fixed Function Iteration is not automatically applied to all copies of Forward Compatibility Engine that an Alchemical possesses, and must be purchased and installed separately for each copy.

Paradigm Shift Procedure (Essence 8, Clarity 10): Deep in the heart of the metropolis, arcane bio-mechanical structures pulse and writhe, bathed in a lambent glow from innumerable mystic devices. From the churning broth an engineered being emerges, a pure biological human constructed to achieve physical and mental perfection, and imbued with the ancient soul of the city itself, the ideal host for the exaltation loose in the world at that carefully pre-calculated moment.

By expending five willpower at a time of the storyteller’s choosing, an alchemical metropolis with this charm abandons its mighty body to the perfect order of Clarity, leaving it a soulless but mechanically functional husk as his spirit transcends into the newly crafted flesh he has created for himself. Seconds later he exalts, not as an alchemical but as one of the exalted of Creation, of a type corresponding to the installed Forward Compatibility Engine, and a caste chosen by his player.

This new character is created with an extra five starting attribute points, and an extra ten starting points to spend in abilities. After character creation, the character receives experience equal to what the alchemical had, which is spent immediately without regard to training time. He may spend this experience as he sees fit, but cannot use it to increase his essence beyond seven.

The character retains all backgrounds it possessed in its life as an alchemical, with the exception of the Eidolon background, which is replaced on a one-for-one basis with the Past Lives merit (Scroll of Heroes, Page 60-61). He receives no points to spend on backgrounds in character creation, and cannot purchase backgrounds with his bonus points or starting experience allocation.

The final legacy of the metropolis to its new incarnation – perhaps the Maker’s ultimate goal in creating his chosen at all – is an infinitely complex pattern of essence laid across the soul, where it will bond with its exaltation. The Primordial magic of this fractal structure expands back into the shard in the moment of exaltation, restoring it to its original, undamaged state, and implementing changes engineered by the Great Maker over thousands of intervening years, entirely removing the Great Curse.

Enter the plot device! Obviously, this isn’t even vaguely appropriate for many people’s games, but in ours its been discussed as one of the Maker’s big long term plans, and quite possibly the reason for a bunch of his actions.

Alchemical Charms

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